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Adam Attew © Last light on Kirchenkogel web 001

Adam Attew is a British oil painter based in the Surrey Hills, specialising in contemporary hyperrealism in Alpine and winter landscapes. Throughout his childhood Adams’ family frequented the Alps every summer and winter, so his love for the mountains grew from a very young age. Adam’s paintings stand out for their awe inspiring high altitude scenery and clearly demonstrate the admiration that he has for these winter environments.

Adam states “my work is about capturing the serenity of snow and how it subdues the rugged nature of rock appearing to soften everything it touches. The albedo, which is the amount of reflectance of light off the snow fascinates me, how the light bounces back and forth over the undulating shapes, bringing light to the darkest valleys. I love how the underlying structures of rock, tree or cabin poke through delivering a hard contrast, reminding us of what truly lies beneath’.

Adam’s paintings may resemble photographs yet they go so much further than a camera can, through what Adam describes as almost a meditative process, his painting process captures deep colours, contrasting textures, abstract contours and ultimately an atmosphere of pellucid grandeur.

Adam gained BASI instructor qualifications in Alpine Skiing and Telemark and has trained with various mountain guides and even Ray Mears to increase his skills and knowledge on the mountain and in the snow, and is a member of the prestigious Kandahar Ski Club. As well as exploring the mountains on everyday skis, Adam takes to ski touring and even sleeping in snow holes and cabins to access more remote, varied scenery and landscapes in the quest to capture the wild beauty of mountains. When not exploring mountains, Adam is to be found in his art studio in the Surrey Hills of South East England. Adam is also the Winter Editor & Lifestyle Editor for The Bespoke Black Book. On this site you will find my exploration of the mountains through my art, my reviews of place I have visited; from ski resorts and accommodation to equipment and experiences.

Exhibitions to date:

2017 Part of a Art Collective Show in Mayfair, London

2018/2019 Arlberg Hospiz in St. Christoph, Austria

2019/2020  Gurgl Carat in Obergurgl, Austria

2020/2021/2022 Der Wolf and Hotel Gotthard in Lech, Austria

2022/2023 Atelier LaMarie in Oberlech, Austria