St. Hubertus Resort – Cervinia


The road from down in the Saint-Vincent down in the valley at 575 metres all the way up to the alpine town of Cervinia at 2006 metres was quite a spectacular accent which took us about 40 minutes to drive. The climb was a feast for the eyes, however poor Cheeky did have to keep reminding me to keep my eyes on the road. As we reached the final stretch It really felt like a high altitude resort especially with the Matterhorn looming in the distance and the trees starting to thin out. However, hidden in the last upper layers of the forest, nestling amongst the pine trees, St.Hubertus Resort sits quietly away from the road and the hustle and bustle of Cervinia town. As we turned off the main road and drove up to this beautiful building we felt a sense of calm. The outside of the hotel is charming, with various layers of slate roofs with stone chimney stacks and the whimsical use of stone, plaster and timber make for a beautiful alpine building that appears to have evolved organically over hundreds of years. Once we parked up and stretched our legs we made our way through the front door where we found that our initial instincts were correct  as we discovered a space of serenity and tranquillity.


The hotel took 10 years to create under the architect Savin Couelle and owners Federico and Elena using artists and artisans from all over Europe and what they have created here is something unique and frankly quite stunning. The entrance, bar and lounge area has the cosy quality of a germanic bierkeller crossed with some kind of monastery. Despite the hotel being a relatively new build the place feels like it has been standing for a couple of hundred years. The atmosphere of this place has a lot to do with the materials that have been used, it seems no expense has been spared to select the best quality granites, marbles, slates, timber and stone, whilst much of the furniture and ornaments are pieces of art in their own right. One can not help but feel that one has landed in a place of quality and sheer style.


We were welcomed in by Betsy, one of the most helpful ladies one will meet, an American Ex-pat who seems to speak every language that is worth speaking. She showed us to ‘Apartment 10’ and once again we were not disappointed, with a cozy fireplace in the bedroom, large bathroom with gorgeous hand carved red Verona Marble double sinks, little kitchen in case we wanted to eat in one evening and views of the Matterhorn to die for. Once again the apartment had an ‘old world’ monastic feel with its vaulted ceilings and use of natural materials throughout.


Once one had settled in, which did not take long in this type of setting, it was time to get suited and booted for dinner in the restaurant. The restaurant is a cozy, intimate affair with stone arches, wooden beams and a roaring fireplace all adding up to a very relaxed atmosphere. The Cuisine is traditional Italian with all of the produce being sourced locally or through specialist suppliers. Davide was to look after us and guide us through the menu suggesting the daily specialities or the best wines to couf with our italian delights. Federico, one of the owners is also a trained sommelier so the wine list did not disappoint. During our time at St. Hubertus resort we were lucky enough to eat at the restaurant on several occasions and work our way through some of the menu. We experienced some outstanding cuisine from grilled squid, veal steak tartar, local wild venison to one of Cheeky’s favourites tender Veal Fillet with Foie Gras and black truffle which seemed to melt in the mouth. After dinner we would retire to the bar where Orinia would look after us, mix up cocktails and suggest new ways to drink our G&Ts whilst we all put the world to rights. Dining and drinking at St. Hubertus is a very laid back experience which is down to the gorgeous surroundings and fabulous team.

The care and attention to detail that has been put into the hotel has also been extended to the Spa area too. With a great selection of swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and turkish bath the Spa is the perfect space to unwind after a day on the mountain, with further therapies and treatments available in the very tranquil adult only spa.

St. Hubertus Resort is a place where one goes to unwind and throw off the trials and tribulations of the outside world. They have created architecture and interior design with soul that really satiated my love of beautiful aesthetics. Just stepping foot onto the premises, one finds that it immediately puts one’s mind and heart at ease.

Saint Hubertus Resort
Via Piolet 5/A
Cervinia (Aosta) 11021