‘Way to Warth’ Original Oil Painting


This is the original painting ‘Way to Warth’ by the artist Adam Attew.


PLEASE NOTE: This painting is currently on display in Austria, so delivery might take longer than usual.


This is the Original painting ‘Way to Warth’ Size: / 120 x 50cm

These peaks are part of the KarhornGipfel, a rather attractive mountain that one circumnavigates when travelling from Lech to Warth. Warth is synonymous with skiing since 1894 when Father Johann Müller of Warth read about how Scandinavians were cutting travelling times on snow by getting around on skis. He ordered a pair of these skis and proceeded to practice in secret so that he could eventually visit all of his parishioners over the mountains. When he was discovered, half the locals thought he was in cahoots with the devil, the other half went home and made their own skis, and the rest as they say is history.


-Painted on Museum Stretched Canvas with Claessens 13 Very Fine Linen (325gsm)

-The painting will be sent via courier.

-The painting can be hung as supplied or taken to a framer to be framed.



SHIPPING COSTS: Please note that there are so many variables for shipping costs for original paintings due to the weight, size, location and insurance therefore it is not possible to list the costs in the shop basket. Please email me directly with your details so I can get a bespoke shipping quote for you. Feel free to buy the painting to reserve it, then shipping can be added later. [email protected]

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 2 cm