Artist Residency & Exhibition – GRACE LA MARGNA, St. Moritz, Switzerland 2023-24

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British artist Adam Attew is named the inaugural Arist-in-Residence at the newly opened GRACE LA MARGNA in St Moritz. Underlining the commitment to environmental stewardship, GRACE LA MARGNA, and Adam Attew have joined forces with Protect Our Winters Switzerland to spotlight the challenges posed by climate change in alpine environments. Guests at GRACE LA MARGNA will have the unique opportunity to learn about POW Switzerland's initiatives to combat climate change and protect the precious winters that define the allure of the Alps. This pioneering initiative marks the first-ever artist-in-residence program at the luxurious GRACE LA MARGNA, creating a unique intersection of artistic expression and environmental consciousness.

GRACE LA MARGNA, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is delighted to host Adam Attew as he takes up residence at THE LIVING ROOM, the hotel's vibrant artistic hub. The collaboration extends beyond the canvas, as a portion of the proceeds from Adam Attew's artwork during his residency will be donated to Protect Our Winters Switzerland. This financial support will aid POW Switzerland's efforts to raise awareness, advocate for sustainable practices, and drive meaningful change to secure the future of mountainous regions. The partnership, a testament to the convergence of creativity and environmental responsibility, aims to raise awareness about the urgent climate crisis facing the Alps and other mountainous regions.

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“I have always been a fan of St Moritz, the mountains in this region are so paintable with their high escarpments, tree lines, and the incredible way the light hits the peaks at dawn and dusk, so I am beyond delighted to be here thanks to my partnership with GRACE LA MARGNA. GRACE LA MARGNA is revolutionary and a first for St. Moritz, where tradition collides with contemporary design and mindset; I could not ask for a more inspiring location to showcase my art and explore the mountains of St. Moritz with brush and canvas whilst also, as part of the Creative Alliance, raise awareness and funds for POW Switzerland.”

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